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Monday, January 5, 2015

Featured Report: 7 Steps to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

Luxury Daily

In-store cognitive apps will solve retail’s biggest challenge
by: Alex Sbardella and Rodney Bryant
Have you ever been shopping in a retail store and known more about a product than the sales assistant? More frequently, the response to that question is a frustrating yes. According to a Motorola Solutions Shopping Study, 54 percent of all retail store associates report that shoppers are better connected to product information than they are.  Read More

Small Business Trends

7 Steps to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign
by: Personal Branding Blog
Creating a marketing campaign that “goes viral” is the goal of every marketer. What is the secret to creating a campaign that is going to “go viral?” The answer is complicated. In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral, and which ones will flounder. That said, there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of having your campaign go viral. If you are striving to build a viral marketing campaign, here’s how you can give your campaign the best shot. Read More

Social Media Examiner

Five Google Analytics Shortcuts to Speed Your Analysis
by: Andy Crestodina
Are you spending too much time fiddling within Google Analytics? Do you want to streamline your analysis experience? Monitoring and reporting Google Analytics data can easily turn into a full-time job by itself, but it doesn’t have to. In this article I’ll share five Google Analytics shortcuts for setting up basic analytics, finding the most relevant reports and checking those reports regularly. Read More

The Verge

Facebook is the new AOL
by: Nilay Patel
The '90s are back.
They’re back in fashion, they’re back in music, and they are most certainly back in technology. In a way this makes sense; the top end of the Millennial generation was just entering high school in the '90s, and now they’re in the workplace and armed with spending power, so it’s easy to appeal directly to their nostalgia. Look, here’s Salt-n-Pepa shilling for GeicoBut um, hey everybody: the '90s were a decade of excess and mistakes and excessive mistakes. The rollicking good times of the '90s ended with the dot-com collapse of the early 2000s, the memories of which continue to shape the industry today. Read More

Fund-Raising with WebDocs Network

Attention Fund-raisers
Have you tried to raise funds for your church, school, or volunteer group using the traditional fundraising methods like, bake sales, car washes, or selling products like healthcare supplements that requires you to sign up more and more members just to selling products that many of them don't want.  If the answer to this question is YES! Then what if I told you
that Your group can now raise funds for your group while creating  a healthcare plan that will help all of your members. I know that this might sound like  other plans but this one is truly different WHY? In one word Healthcare that's right Healthcare. We will show your Non-profit group how to acquire a  healthcare plan at a price that all of your members can afford.
How? By becoming a members of WebDocs Network  At Web Docs Network we have a group of top Doctors that can see you 24/7 365 days a year from any computer or mobile device. Where you can get a diagnosis  from our doctors that can be used anywhere even with your primary care doctor or your insurance company all it the cost of less that $35.00 a visit Only $19.95 per month . So if you want to lower your healthcare cost for you and your family This makes WebDocs Network  one of the ways for your Non-profit group raise funds without having to buy another
product again. Best of all when you sign up three members your WebDocs Services are FREE! To learn more about WebDocs Network and it' benefits that  can help your
Non-profit group please watch this video then visit our website and get back to the person who send you this information to get  your group started raising funds with WebDocs Network