Monday, December 15, 2014

Featured Report: How to Build Links and Web Content Together Successfully

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How to Build Links and Web Content Together Successfully
by:  Julia Spence-McCoy

When it comes to digital marketing, techniques that are seen as separate entities often complement one another and help enhance your overall strategy. Content marketing and link building are shining examples of this effect, even though the two can involve different strategies and skills. When you are focused on creating content that knocks your audience’s socks off, you are likely not thinking twice about link building. I believe that the state of creating great content and thinking about link building is where the magic happens. And I’ll show you just why I believe that.  Read More

Mobile Marketing Watch

Marketing Industry Hyping Digital Marketing: Is It Warranted?
by: Michael Essany

In the coming years, we are expecting to see a broad and fantastic range of new digital marketing tools that will likely make the job of the digital marketer easier and more efficient (and maybe even replace him eventually). But the analysts at 451 Research are recommending caution where so many marketers are demonstrating zeal. The truth is, they say, that very few companies actually have the infrastructure and capability to really research the information that they need to make digital marketing optimally effective.  Read More

Fast Company


Between now and the new year, it’s easy for work to slip through the cracks. Holiday planning and festivities can quickly become distractions and important tasks can be forgotten. But Kris Duggan, CEO of the enterprise goal platform BetterWorks, says setting the right kinds of goals can keep you focused—today as well as in the immediate future.
"Setting goals used to be an annual task that was put in a drawer and dusted off at the end of the year," he says. "Instead of using goals as an operational tool, employees would work on what they thought was best in the moment. What they wrote down didn’t really matter."
In contrast, companies that utilize goal science create a culture of agility and propel progress, says Duggan. He shares five best practices that will take a company from chaotic to focused: Read More

Social Media Examiner 

5 Tips for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns
by: Jim Belosic
Do you use social media campaigns to engage with your customers? Do you need tips on how to create more effective campaigns? Whether you want to build better campaigns or are ready to try your first one, there are certain pitfalls you should avoid. In this article I’ll share five tips for building and running successful social media campaigns. Read More

Web Docs Network

Do you Know What Telehealth Can Do For You?

The Affordable Care Act know as Obamacare is here and there will be many changes on how you can get healthcare. One of those changes will be how you will get healthcare from your doctor. Now you can go online for a doctor's and get everything from a diagnosis to  your medication all without leaving your home. It's call tele-medicine but is it as good as an in person visit?  The answer is Yes!! Studies done by iHealthbeat in 2012 70% of patients received the same or better healthcare online as they did with an in person visit. But the surprising fact about this report is cost. The average cost of an in person doctor's visit range from $75.00 to $195.00 per visit. While an online visit cost $35.00 to $50.00 per visit. 

That being said I want to introduce you to WebDocs Network. At Web Docs Network we have a group of top Doctors that can see you 24/7 365 days a year. Where you can get a diagnosis  from our doctors that can be used anywhere even with your primary care doctor or your insurance company all it the cost of less that $35.00 a visit Only $19.95 per month . So if you want to lower your healthcare cost for you and your family visit our website at and see how much Web Docs Network can save you.

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